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Male fitblogger who is growing to love his body and new found healthy views on life!

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Have a couple of questions, courtesy of me... have you ever travelled overseas? If so, where? Where do you really want to visit? Who would be in your ultimate band? Aaaaaannnndd... your favourite subject in high school?

Asked by toseventy9-deactivated20120819

Well, I haven’t travelled overseas before, but if I had the opportunity I would like to check out Ibiza Spain, New Zealand, Canada and America. I’m a huge EDM fan but in terms of bands, my ultimate band would be Motion City Soundtrack. The music they put out really speaks to me. I used to be a huge Mindless Self Indulgence fan but over the last few years I have grown up (just a little) and don’t listen to them as much as I used to. My favourite subject in high school was programming. I am a huge passionate nerd for music and computers.

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